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Albert Allman HOLLIOAKE [890] (1887-1973)

Name: Albert Allman HOLLIOAKE
Sex: Male
Alt. Name: Albert JOHNSON
Father: John HOLLIOAKE (1848-1913)
Mother: Elizabeth Skellet MELLOR (1850-1899)

Individual Events and Attributes

Birth 3 Aug 1887 Birmingham, Warwickshire1
10 Court 8 Bromsgrove St., St Thomas
Census 5 Apr 1891 (age 3) Aston, Warwickshire2
2bk52 Lombard St.
Albert 3 was still using the surname HOLYOAK. He was living with his father John, a lodger, and his mother Elizabeth JOHNSON the head of household.
Census 31 Mar 1901 (age 13) Marston Green, Birmingham3
Cottage Homes.
Albert JOHNSON 13 was an inmate of the home and was born in Birmingham.
Census 2 Apr 1911 (age 21) Yardley, Worcestershire4
18 Albert Road, Stechford, Nr Birmingham
Occupation 2 Apr 1911 (age 21) dairyman4
Occupation 1913 (age 25-26) master dairyman5
After leaving the Home he went to live at Lea Hall Farm, a dairy farm and became a milkman with his own round using a hand cart with churns and measuring jugs. His trade card stated he made two deliveries a day, essential with no fridges to keep the milk fresh. When he married and it became a Milkman's Holiday, they went to the Bull's Head after the service and were too drunk to do the afternoon round. He lost the milk round when he was called up for war service.
Military Service frm 1915 to 1918 (age 27-31) Royal Ordnance Corp
During WW1 he went to Salonica. On his return his son Edward is reputed to have told him 'we do not want any mans here.' He hadn't seen many men around because most of the men were at war.
Occupation aft 1918 (age 30-31) gardener; Yardley, Worcestershire5
Church Rd.
Gardener for the Newton's. Mr Newton was a director of warehouse and his wife ( a spiritualist ) insisted on flowers, etc to match decor, when hedge cut too short asked for it to be put back on. He liked giving living plants as presents: a pair of apple trees to Edward and Daisy on their marriage and Christmas trees to Hazel and Stephen on their first Christmas.
Occupation 29 Feb 1920 (age 32) motor car manufacturer's labourer6
Census 29 Sep 1939 (age 52) Stechford, Birmingham, Warwickshire7
36, Albert Rd
Occupation 29 Sep 1939 (age 52) private gardener; Stechford, Birmingham, Warwickshire7
Death 24 Apr 1973 (age 85) Stechford, Birmingham, Warwickshire8


Spouse Emily MARSHALL (1891-1975)
Children Winifred Joyce JOHNSON (1914-1999)
Edward Marshall JOHNSON (1916-1987)
Olive Eileen JOHNSON (1920-2000)
Colin Giles JOHNSON
Margaret Emily JOHNSON
Beryl Nancy JOHNSON
Marriage 3 Jun 1914 (age 26) Aston, Warwickshire9
Register Office
Albert met Emily on the milk round, she was a housemaid and moher's help. His father was given as Benjamin JOHNSON a Silversmith journeyman both name and occupation proved to be not true!!!! Albert's landlady Ellen EDKINS was one of the witnesses, the other was Sampson WEAVER.

Individual Note



Cottage Homes


Descent from John HOLLIOAKE


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