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The Territorial Army Royal Engineers.

Edward JOHNSON [896] The Territorial Army trained volunteers as a reserve force to be called on to supplement the regular forces in times of conflict. Each unit was attached to a regiment of the regular Army. It is not yet known when Edward joined or which Regiment he was attached to but this series of photographs shows that he attended the Divisional camp in Weymouth in 1937 and was with the Royal Engineers.

The Royal Engineers used the camp at Wykes Regis on the edge of  Weymouth, alongside the Fleet, for bridge building training from 1928. The site was at Chesil Beach. Where the inlet narrows the tidal water was fast flowing. As can be seen in the general view of the camp the men were housed in bell tents. Edward had been Wolf Cub and Scout so was quite use to camping conditions, though the absence of a flat iron is clearly seen in his photograph.

During the Second World War the RAF used the camp for a period when they tested Barnes Wallis' bouncing bomb used on the Dambuster missions of May 1943.

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Edward is highlighted

Edward is highlighted.

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