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Yeast Merchants

Although yeast is used in both baking and brewing the 1891 census clearly indicates that the BULLs were working in the brewing trade.

Joseph BULL [1889] was a yeast merchant in 1891 in Llangattock, Breconshire

Charles BULL [14251] was an assistant to his father in 1891 in Llangattock, Breconshire.

Bar staff

In many cases we believe family members were filling the roles of bar tenders and celler men without being officially recorded as such. Below are the ones we have found on census returns.

Kate FROUD [1675] was a barmaid at an inn in Childrey in 1891.

Maria Pile KELLY [10551] was a barmaid at the Royal George, Irsha Street, Appledore with her father 1861

Emily KELLY [10597] was a barmaid at the Kingsley Hotel, Northam with her father in 1881

Rosa Sabina WESTCOTT [10981] was a barmaid at the Globe, Beaford with her mother in 1881

Isabel Frances YOUNG [12968] was a barmaid at the Dog and Anchor, Kidlington with her grandfather in 1891

Sarah Ann SMITH [14285] was a barmaid at an inn when living with parents at Shaw Road, Dudley in 1891

Joseph SHARE [1548] was a public house manager at the King William, Pensnett Rd, Dudley in 1881 and a barman at his father’s pub, the Coach and Horses, Stourbridge Rd, Dudley in 1891.

Thomas FROUD 13093] was a barman in High Holborn in 1851. In 1861 he was a groom in East Hanney, Berkshire.

Pot Man

Thomas Edward MESSENGER [13203] was a pot man living in Bethnal Green in 1871, the pub not known. In 1881 he was a brewery labourer in Mile End Old Town and living in the appropriately names Shandy Street.

Pub Related Trades.



Malt is made when the germination of grain is stopped at the point when the starch in the grain has been converted into sugars. Most malt is produced from barley. Malt is used in brewing beer and vinegars. The process of Malting is well explained at this website.

We have a number of people related to the family who have been maltsters.

George WESTCOTT [10960] was a maltster journeyman in Great Torrington, Devon in 1851 and a maltster and innkeeper of the Globe Inn in Beaford in 1861. He remained at the Globe until his death in 1878 and was listed in a trade directory in 1878 as Maltster & Vict.

John LLOYD [14938] was a maltster and innkeeper of the Old Inn, Well Street, Great Torrington 1851-1865. He was listed under both publicans and maltsters in Slater’s directory of 1853. It is possible that he used malt in his own brew and sold some on to other brewers.

James BLENCOWE [7285] was a maltster at the Fox Inn, King’s End, Bicester in 1851 and a malt man in 1861. The innkeeper was Joseph BUSWELL who we have not connected with the family.

William KELLY [10625] is listed as a maltster in White’s Directory 1850 in Northam, Devon. On the 1851 census he is a maltster in High Street, Northam next to the Kings Head Inn kept by his brother John.

Henry FRIEND [11391] was a maltster in Dolton, Devon in 1841 and 1851. He had retired by 1861 when he was living with his son John who was the malster.

John Shute FRIEND [11435] was a maltster’s son in Dolton, Devon in 1851 and maltster with his father, Henry who had retired, in 1861. In later censuses he was a postman, a nuisance relieving officer and registrar of births deaths & marriages.

George BAKER [12804] was a maltster in Alvin Street, Gloucester in 1851.

Benjamin LOWE [14126] had been a publican between 1834 and 1841 then in 1851 he was a maltster in Kingswinford, Staffordshire.

Oliver LOWE [14124] was the elder brother of  Benjamin. In 1841 he was a journeyman maltster and a victualler and publican at the same address in 1851 and 1861.

John BRINSMEAD [14989] was a maltster in 1851 in St Giles in the Wood, Devon.

Edward HOCKIN [145] was a maltster and auctioneer in Hartland, Devon in 1851.

Edward MORRISH [4885] was a journeyman maltster in Northam, Devon in 1841 but in 1851 he was a farmer's son in Littleham.

Edmund ANDREW [19303] 1861  maltster and Inn keeper 1871 Parkham, Devon

Malt Machine Carpenter

Albert BARNETT [10180] was a malt machine carpenter in 1901 in Wantage, Berkshire.



The brewing process is well documented on the Internet and needs no further comment here.

At the time we have been considering commercial Breweries were operating but many pubs were still brewing their own beer. It is thought that unless a publican also made money by selling his brew on to other outlets he did not consider brewing worth mentioning on his census returns. The publican at the Gunsmith’s Arms in Beaford never mention the brewing on any census returns but we know that beer was brewed on the premises and the equipment was still there in 2000. Below is a list of known brewers related to the family.

John JEFFRIES [17803] was the publican at the King’s head Kilmersdon, Somerset 1841-1861 but in 1871 he is described as a retired brewer so is this a case of the beer being brewed on the pub premises?

Simon CADMAN [12791] was a retail brewer on the 1851 census and in Slater’s 1851 Directory in Willenhall, Staffordshire but he also appeared in White’s directory the same year under beerhouses so it appears that he was brewing and selling his beer.

Edward SKELLET [4477] was a brewer in 1881 but was not a publican. He lived in a crowded area of Birmingham and most likely worked at a commercial brewery. He was the cousin of the SKELLET brothers who worked at various trades at the Burton upon Trent brewery..

Joseph SMITH [6578] originally a locksmith he was a brewer probably in a commercial brewery in 1871 and 1881 in Willenhall, Staffordshire He remained a bachelor and died in 1881.

William Henry DARK [18716] in 1881 he was a brewer at his mother’s pub The Swan, Torrington Street, Bideford, Devon. In 1891 he was still a brewer living next to the pub. He had changed address and occupation by 1901.

Samuel SAGE [15554] was a journeyman brewer in 1841 working in Clutton, Somerset. He died in 1842.

Brewer’s Clerk

William MESSENGER [13128] was born in Berkshire but in 1891 he was a brewer’s clerk aged 15 living in Pershute, Wiltshire. By 1901 he had moved to Sevenoaks, Kent where he was lodging with a brewer’s clerk but listed as an estate agent's clerk.

Brewer’s Drayman

George Hemming KINGS [8815]  Birmingham 1891

Brewery cellar man

Alfred John PILGRIM [12310] a cellar man in Reading in 1881. He was a wine and spirit cellar man in 1901.

Brewer’s labourer

The SKELLET brothers, all sons of William SKELLET [4466] were Brewer’s labourer.

William Birch SKELLET [4468] was living in Stapenhill, Derbyshire and working as a brewer’s labourer in 1881. In 1871 he was simply a labourer and it is not known if this was at the brewery.

Arthur SKELLET [4469] was living in Stapenhill, Derbyshire and working as a brewer’s labourer in 1881 and 1891. In 1871 he was simply a labourer and may have been working in the brewery then. In 1901 he was a stoker at the brewery.

David SKELLET [4810] was living in Stapenhill, Derbyshire and working as a brewer’s labourer in 1881. In 1871 he was simply a labourer, in 1891 he was a general labourer but in 1901 he was brewer’s labourer. He was probably labouring in the all the time.

Thomas Edward MESSENGER [13203] was a pot man living in Bethnal Green in 1871, the pub not known. In 1881 he was a brewery labourer in Mile End Old Town and living in the appropriately named Shandy Street.

Brewery stoker

Arthur SKELLET [4469] was living in Stapenhill, Staffordshire and working as a brewery stoker in 1901.

Brewer’s Cooper

John SKELLET [5707] was a brewer’s cooper in 1891 and 1901 in Burton on Trent probably in the same brewery as his brothers William Birch, David and Arthur.

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