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Stamping Mill

John RULE 1753 - ?

John RULE [4379] was subject of a settlement examination on 5 May 1791 in Lifton, Devon during which he stated that he had worked at the Stamping Mill in Cambourne belonging to James Vivian 1769-1771. While working there he lived in Gwithian so must have walked 4 or 5 miles each way to and from work.

In order to separate the tin ore from rock, a process known as dressing, it was crushed under “Stamps”. These were long thick poles capped with iron these were raised by water power and stamped down on the ore. When the ore was reduced to the required size it passed through a grid and was collected to be taken to keeves or settling tubs the tin would fall to the bottom of the keeve and the waste skimmed off the top to be returned for another stamping so no tin was missed. Young boys were employed to hit the sides of the Keeves with mallets to encourage the tin to separate out. At 15 years old it is not clear what John’s work was but as he only worked there for two years it is likely he was a labourer moving the ore to and from the stamps.

An interesting article about the extraction of tin in Cornwall can be read at

Once he left the Stamping Mill he worked underground as a tin miner usually in Cornish mines though at the time of his settlement examination he was at a mine in the Thrushelton area of Devon.

Other family members were tin dressers:

Other family members were  tin miners:

James BRAY [886]

Joseph BRAY [4312]

Richard BRAY [870]

Thomas BRAY [879]
William BRAY [4392]

Charles King CARLYON [18221]
John CARLYON  [7937] son in law of Robert BRAY on our direct line.
Robert CARLYON  [7942] grandson of Robert BRAY on our direct line.
William PHILLIPS [1799] on our direct line.
William PHILLIPS [1804].

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