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Tadmarton, Oxfordshire

Tadmarton is a pretty little village about 5 miles west of Banbury. The photographs below were taken by Eric McMullin on 14th July 2007. Our MOREBY and NEEDLE ancestors would have known these cottages that line the road leading to St Nicholas Church. Some were baptised, some were married and some buried in the parish church. Tadmarton apparently means “Toad crossing”.

Tadmarton was home to the MOREBYs and NEEDLE on our direct line for four generations. Joseph MOREBY [7867] and his wife Elizabeth née VINCENT [7868] moved to the village from Broughton, Oxfordshire about 1763 and they had their children baptised in St Nicholas Church. One of their children Mary [7846] married James NEEDLE [7845] in Tadmarton in 1782 to continue our direct line. Mary and James had all nine of their children baptised in St Nicholas.

One of them, John NEEDLE [7512] our ancestor, joined the 14th Light Dragoons and served with them from 10 Mar 1811 to 22 May 1821. He returned to the village after his discharge in 1821 with wife Elizabeth [7513], who was from Londonderry, and daughter Elizabeth. They had three children baptised in the parish. When John died in 1831 he was buried in the churchyard. His widow stayed in the village up until 1851 and then moved to Banbury.

Continuing with our line, Sarah [1227] married William HALL [1226] in Edgbaston and went to live in Birmingham.

The old Smithy

Church School - now Village Hall

Brick Farm

This 13th Century once had stain glass windows which were destroyed by Oliver Cromwell’s troops after the Battle of Edgehill.

St Nicholas Church.